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Language Education and Multilingualism - The LANGSCAPE Journal

Since 2018, LANGSCAPE offers a publication forum to the scientific community through the special-interest e-journal Language Education and Multilingualism (LEM). LEM is an open-access publication and appears annually. LEM implements a double-blind peer review policy for quality assurance.

LEM publishes original research in the field of language teaching and learning and multilingualism. The journal is open to research on all relevant topics investigated within all methodological frameworks, and publishes papers written in English, French, German, or Spanish.

The journal is edited by José Aguilar (Paris), Christiane Fäcke (Augsburg), Maria González-Davies (Barcelona), and Stephan Breidbach (Berlin). LEM co-founder Marie-Françoise Narcy-Combes worked on the editorial board until 2022. LEM is hosted on the e-doc servers of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. To access the journal, please follow this link.

Authors interested in submitting a manuscript are welcome to write to
Language Education and Multilingualism

Vol. 5 (2022):Multilingualism in Virtual Communikation and Encounters
(Coordinated by J. Aguilar, S. Breidbach, C. Fäcke, M.-F. Narcy-Combes)

Vol. 4 (2021): Pluri- and Multilingualism in Initial Teacher Education and Training
(Coordinated by J. Auguilar, S. Breidbach, C. Fäcke, M.-F. Narcy-Combes)

Vol. 3 (2021): Multilingual life in urban linguistic landscapes
(Coordinated by D. Abendroth-Timmer, J. Aguilar, C. Brudermann, G. Miras, R. Schneider, C. Fäcke, M.-F. Narcy-Combes, S.Breidbach)

Vol. 2 (2019 ): Migration movements and identities in European societies. Implications of multi-/plurilingualism in the educational system (Coordinated by C. Fäcke, M.-F. Narcy-Combes and S. Breidbach)

Vol. 1 (2018): Plurilingualism Today - Looking Back and Forward (Coordinated by C. Fäcke and M.-F. Narcy-Combes)