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Conferences & Expert Meetings

The LANGSCAPE networking has a long tradition of organising international conferences and expert meetings in close cooperation with the affiliated institutions of our members.

Our past conferences and expert meetings include:

2013 -

Istanbul :

a LANGSCAPE Network Strategy Meeting


2013 -

Berlin :

Conference on Interactions of Sociocultural Theory and Emergentism in SLA and Language Education Studies – Conceptual and Interdisciplinary Concerns


2014 -

Brussels :

Conference on Sociocultural Competence & Language Learning in Multilingual Settings


2015 -

Barcelona :

Symposium on Sociocultural approaches to additional language learning/teaching research and teacher education: bridging the gap between practice and theory


2016 -

Berlin :

Conference on the Vitality of Urban Multilingualism in Europe: Comparative Cross-National Studies


2017 -

Leeuwarden/Ljouwert :

Conference on Multilingualism: minority & majority perspectives


2018 -  Barcelona : II Langscape Symposium: Towards meaningful plurilingual innovation: connecting research and informed practices


The next LANGSCAPE symposium is planned for May 27-29, 2021 in Siegen. For further information please follow this link.