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Publishing agreement for first releases

For publication on the publication server (edoc-Server) the conclusion of contract is necessary. This contract is concluded with the AG Electronic Publishing as operator of edoc-Server.

Contract Form
Informations about Creative Commons Licenses

In case of cumulative dissertation please note:

In the agreement you warrant that you are the owner of all rights necessary for publication. If your thesis contains articles that have already been published or are still being published, you must be sure that these may also be published on the edoc server under open access conditions. Information on the policies of the publishers, which serve only as indications and do not release you from obtaining the permission to publish in the specific case, can be found here:


Print the contract form twice. Send the completed and signed copies to the appropriate address:


Dissertation or Habilitation Thesis

Team D
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin


Magister, Bachelor or Diploma

Computer- und Medienservice
AG Elektronisches Publizieren
Sitz: Rudower Chaussee 26
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

Of course you can drop off contracts personally . For your records, you get back a signed copy. A publication and the associated delivery of the publication certification for habilitations and dissertations are possible only after conclusion of the contract.