Publishing of series

The edoc-Server offers members or institutions of the Humboldt University the opportunity to publish series, such as journals, anthologies or conference proceedings under open access conditions.

There are currently series of the "Golden Way of Open Access", i.e. series, which were only published online under open access conditions from the outset. The editors of other series decided to go from the paper form to the electronic form, to digitize older editions and to publish new editions only online. However, there are also series for which the edoc server is used as a second publication and archiving platform.

Publication of a new serie

If you would like to publish a serie on the edoc server for the first time, please e-mail to edoc@hu-berlin.de or directly to the responsible contact person.

Legal framework

Please inform yourself about the rights and obligations of users and editors!

Editor agreement

Please send completed and signed editor agreement to the Electronic Publishing Working Group!
For several editors, we need two signed paper copies per editor. You will receive a copy of the paper signed by us.
You can fill out the form on the computer, then print it out twice and sign it.

Properties of text documents

On the edoc server, PDF documents are usually published. These must have a few properties. For series, the requirements A1 to A4 apply. In the interests of usability, we would be pleased if you follow our recommendations.