Publication of research data on the edoc-Server

In addition to traditional forms of publication, digital research data can also be published on the edoc server. This will allow you to easily follow the principles of good scientific practice, to act in accordance with Humboldt University research data policy, and to adhere to disciplinary guidelines.
Comprehensive information about resesaerch date in the context of doctoral theses are summarized in "Guidelines for Publishing Dissertation-related Research Data".
On the website of the research data management initiative you will find extensive information about the topic "research data". There you will also be supported in the search for a suitable subject repository. As an institutional open access repository of the Humboldt University in Berlin, the edoc server is also directly available for publication of your research data.
Start submitting by logging in or registering on the edoc server as described in "Submitting a Publication". Select a suitable collection in the "Forschungsdaten" section.

Both the text publication and the associated digital research data receive persistent identifiers (DOI - Digital Object Identifier). With the aid of these persistent identifiers, different publication objects can be related to each other or referenced. A research data publication can also be related to several forms of publication (eg dissertation and journal articles). The publication of the text publication and the research data can also be delayed.
Informations about research data on edoc-Server you can find here:
If you have any further questions, please contact edoc@hu-berlin.de!