Board of Directors

The LANGSCAPE Board of Directors consists of four main sections: the Research Projects, the Teaching Projects, the section for Doctoral Support and Networking, and the section for Publication Policy.


Directors of the section for Research Projects


Katja Lochtman Langscape 150x150 Prof. Dr. Katja Lochtman, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

(image: Katja Lochtman)



Itesh Sachdev Langscape 150x150 Prof. Itesh Sachdev, University of London

(image: Itesh Sachdev)



Directors of the section for Teaching Projects


Daniela Elsner Langscape 150x150 Prof. Dr. Daniela Elsner, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

(image: Daniela Elsner)



Özlem Etus Langscape 150x150 Assistant Prof. Özlem Etuş, Istanbul Universiti- Cerrahpasa

(image: Özlem Etuş)



Sevinc Hatipoglu Langscape 150x150 Prof. Dr. Sevinç Hatîpoğlu, Istanbul Universiti-Cerrahpasa

(image: Sevinç Hatîpoğlu)



Directors for the section for Doctoral Support and Networking


Dagmar Abendroth Timmer Langscape 150x150 Prof. Dr. Dagmar Abendroth-Timmer, Universität Siegen

(image: Dagmar Abendroth-Timmer)



José I Aguilar Río Langscape 150x150 Dr. José I. Aguilar Río, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3

(image: José I. Aguilar Río)



Directors of the section for Publication Policy

Marie-Françoise Narcy Combes Langscape 150x150 Prof. Dr. Marie-Françoise Narcy-Combes, Université de Nantes

(image: Marie-Françoise Narcy-Combes)



Christiane Fäcke Langscape 150x150 Prof. Dr. Christiane Fäcke, Universität Augsburg

(image: Christiane Fäcke)