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Vortrag, Prof. Dr. Dana Zeidler: "Socioscientific Issues in Society: Fostering an Ethic of Care Through Scientific Literacy"

Online-Vortrag in der Reihe "Transfer: Education – Society – Science" (TESS), Prof. Dr. Dana Zeidler, University of South Florida (USA)
  • Wann 09.12.2021 von 16:00 bis 18:00
  • Wo online (via zoom)
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Socioscientific Issues (SSI) is uniquely positioned as a sociocultural progressive education framework. This is what makes SSI viewed as “Science-in-Context.” It requires a blend of socioscientific reasoning as well as the exercise of socioscientific perspective taking (SSPT). Surprisingly, SSI also affords an opportunity for serendipity, that may be thought of as the gift of finding, by the combination of chance and wisdom, certain valuable or agreeable things not sought, while in pursuit of something else. From an epistemic stance, this entails a kind of open-mindedness that arises from the ability to formulate pluralistic perspectives. From a pedagogical stance, SSI may be thought of as a kind of discovery made because the individual is mentally equipped not to disregard or overlook something new or strange while on the quest for another goal. The aim of this talk is to provide an overview of salient features of SSI, its role in transferring an ethic of care in society, present examples and encourage discussion.


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Der Vortrag ist in die Reihe Transfer: Education – Society – Science (TESS) eingebunden, die vom Interdisziplinären Zentrum für Bildungsforschung (IZBF) in Zusammenarbeit mit der Professional School of Education (PSE) und dem ProMINT-Kolleg an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin organisiert und durchgeführt wird. Mehr zur Reihe finden Sie hier:

The lecture is part of the series Transfer: Education - Society - Science (TESS), organized and hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Research (IZBF) in collaboration with the Professional School of Education (PSE) and the ProMINT-Kolleg at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. More about the series can be found here:


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