LEM – Volume 3 - Multilingual life in urban linguistic landscapes


LEM Vol 3_FrontMatter_Page1.jpgThe third volume of LANGSCAPE’s journal is now available online. The current issue is focussing on

Multilingual life in urban linguistic landscapes.

We are especially grateful to our authors: Eva-Maria Hennig-Klein, David Gerlach, Birgit Schädlich, Judith Visser, Lin Xue, Virginie Privas-Bréauté, Ute Walker, Diana Feick, Petra Knorr, Sofia Stratilaki-Klein, Dagmar Abendroth-Timmer, Ramona Schneider, Jochen Plikat and The ENROPE Group.

You can find the current volume following this link: Vol. 3/2021 (

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