LEM - Volume 1 - Plurilingualism Today



The first volume of "Language Education and Multilingualism", is subtitled "Plurilingualism Today: Looking Back and Forward". It was published, and can be found, at

We are very grateful to all of the authors: Claire Kramsch; Franz-Joseph Meißner; Jean-Paul Narcy-Combes; Adelheid Hu; Ulrike Jessner, Valentina Török & Claudia Pellegrini; Gabriela Meier; Elena Gómez Parra; Ofelia García & Maite Sánchez; Katja Lochtman; Yan-Zhen Chen & Christine Hélot. Thank you for entrusting your inspiring articles to us for publication! Furthermore our special thanks go to the coordinators of the journal, Christiane Fäcke and Marie-Françoise Narcy-Combes, for their intense engagement in and dedicated work on this project.


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