Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Center Computational Neuroscience (ICCN)

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Center Computational Neuroscience (ICCN)

The Interdisciplinary Center Computational Neuroscience was founded at the end of 2016. It aims at increasing the visibility of the relative young interdisciplinary research field computational neuroscience at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, in the Berlin research landscape, nationally, and internationally. Furthermore the ICCN adds to the visibility and firm implementation of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin (BCCN Berlin).


Computational Neuroscience is a relatively young interdisciplinary research field that uses the expertise of biologists, neurobiologists, physisists, mathematicians, physicians and other disciplins in order to understand brain function and disfunction. This basic research  combines experimental and theoretical and clinical methods for analysing brain functions and answering questions like:

How and where in the brain does memory consolidation work?

How do we decide things?

How and where does the brain classify?

These and many other question can and shall help to improve the general understanding of brain function but also to find new therapies of neurological disorders, and to develop neurotechnology devices like brain computer interfaces.


More information about our research and publications can be found on our BCCN Berlin website.



Since Nov 2020 our lecture series is available as live stream. On the BCCN Berlin website we announce the links for the live stream.

ICCN together with the BCCN Berlin has a major interest in informing about its research.

A number of regular events is meant for general public. Each year in March we organize together with the Berlin School of Mind and Brain one whole week of events during the International Brain Awareness Week Berlin. We also participate and open our doors each year at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften. Several scientists give lectures for kids, teenagers and/or adults in the Urania, Kinder-Uni of Humbldt-Universität zu Berlin and in other places.

For an overview and information of our scientific events, please take a look on our BCCN Berlin website. We organize regular lecture series, workshops, symposia etc.


Teaching and Training in Computational Neuroscience

Promoting young academics is one of our main concerns. In our International Graduate Program Computational Neuroscience we offer a research oriented interdisciplinary Master Program and a PhD Program.

We educate our students in using experimental and theoretical methods for answering the research questions. Another very important point is learning to communicate with both sides, the experimental and theoretical side - this is crucial for excellent and innovative interdisciplinary research.

More than 50% of our master students stay in research and continue their career with a PhD. More than 65% of our PhDs  continue their academic career with a postdoc.

More information concerning our Graduate program you can find under www.computational-neuroscience-berlin.de



The ICCN was evaluated positively in spring 2020. With this result it will be prolonged until 2025. We are very happy and proud.

Until 2019 the ICCN and BCCN Berlin published a regular newsletter together with the National Network Computational Neuroscience (NNCN). On request we send this newsletter by email or in a printed version. The newsletter can also be downloaded in English language here.

Nowadays news are communicated on Twitter and on the our BCCN Berlin website.