ICA - CCR European Research Conference Berlin 2019

Important Information and Deadlines


Conference Chair: Prof. Markus Hanisch, Humboldt-University, Berlin

E-Mail: ica-berlin2019@hu-berlin.de


  • Registration: https://event.hu-berlin.de
  • Conference Date: August 21st - 23rd 2019
  • Conference Location: Humboldt University, Main Campus
  • Abstract submission: February 10th - 2019, 500 words.
  • Submission of proposals for complete sessions: (4 contributions) January 20th - 2019,
  •                 1000 words for abstract on whole session.

  • Acceptance notification: February 14th – 2019.
  • Early bird student rate: 70 EUR applies until May 10th – 2019. (first 30 students)
  • Regular student rate: 290 EUR (latest until August 10th).
  • Early bird fees: 365 EUR applies until May 10th – 2019.
  • Regular conference fee: 425 EUR (latest until August 10th).
  • Registration limit: 170 registrations or until August 10th


Abstracts will be peer reviewed. The submission deadline is February 10, 2019. Email address for submission: ica-berlin2019@hu-berlin.de. Notification of acceptance: February 14, 2019.


Individual presentations, self-organised sessions, forums, workgroups

  • Participants may present their work in the form of individual paper (poster) contributions of max. 20 min in one of the parallel sessions or poster sessions. Submissions of abstracts of presentations (500 words) will be reviewed and grouped in thematic areas.
  • Participants may propose conference sub-themes and organise a parallel session collaboratively. Abstracts for self-organised sessions (1000 words) name contributors, describe contents and detail the number of presentations to be discussed.
  • Forums discuss or announce an important event, anniversary or organized activity among cooperative scholars. Abstracts for forums (1000 words) name contributors, describe the activity or event and detail the number of presentations to be discussed.
  • Participants may request to use the event as a platform for the organisation of cooperative related project events and collaborative research meetings. Abstracts for organized events (max. 500 words) should include detailed information about needed space, project title and time-schedule.

Please note that, Berlin in summer 2019 is a touristic center and very attractive conference venue. Our conference location (Humboldt University) in the heart of the capital is exciting but restricted in its capacity. We advise early bookings with one of the low fare carriers that connect most of the European cities with Berlin.