ICA - CCR European Research Conference Berlin 2019

Noura Rhemouga

Head of sustainability at Hochwald Foods


Noura Rhemouga   Hochwald


Noura Rhemouga is the head of sustainability at Hochwald Foods, a german cooperative dairy company which produces and markets high-quality dairy products. She is responsible for creating and implementing a holistic sustainability strategy which is firmly anchored right from the start in Hochwalds’ 2020 strategy. With more than 12 years of experience in international operations, sustainability management and corporate strategy in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry she has focused on the development and implementation of strategic plans to incorporate the principles of sustainable development into everyday business practices: 'With a company history that dates back to 1932, creating sustainable value has always been the foundation of how we do business. Sustainability to us is the balance between the growth of our business, our social responsibility, and our commitment to environmental responsibility.' Noura holds a master’s degree in Business and Engineering.