Crossing Borders – Border Crossings

Summer Term 2017

Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium "Border Studies and Critical Migration Research"

Mo 16-20, 14 days, DOR 24, Room 1606
Start: 24.4. (Attention: Start of this first session exceptionally 18.00)

Open for interested Master students, PhD students and PostDocs of the HU, in particular of European Ethnology, History, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies
European Ethnology Master Module 3 "Research Fields of European Ethnology and Scientific Argumentation"

Topic I: Phantom Boundaries (Nenad Stefanov)
Topic II: Internal and External Border Regimes of Europe (Regina Römhild)
Topic III: Cultural and Historical Perspectives of Border Studies (Claudia Bruns)

24.4. Introduction, discussion of the programme, dates and assignment of working groups


8.5. Thematic focus I & II

Sabine von Löwis (Centre Marc Bloch), The Concept of Phantom Boundaries
Katrin Kremmler (European Ethnology HU Berlin) Eurasian Magyars - Postcolonial Perspectives on Borders and Formations of "Eurasia", with Input from Lucia Sunder-Plassmann and Ina Heß (MA European Ethnology)


22.5. Thematic focus I

Nenad Stefanov, The concept of borders as an approach to social history in South Eastern Europe
Thomas Serrier (Europe University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder), Europe Vertical. On the East-West Structure in the 19th and 20th Centuries


12.6. Thematic focus II & III

Johanna Montanari (European Ethnology HU Berlin) Secularism and Islam - Religion as border regime in the production of news, with input by Ava Herterich
Jana Asmus (Gender Studies HU Berlin) Bitch term in German rap. Appropriation or Siblinghood (Exposé Master Thesis)
18:00 – 20:00
Janine Fabel (Kulturwissenschaft HU Berlin) Violent space - death march from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1945, with reading discussion in preparation for the lecture by Allen Feldman


14.6. extra date, place tba

Allen Feldman (Dep. of Media, Culture and Communication, New York University) Xenophobic Technicities: A Media Archeology, Moderation: Jens Adam (Institute for European Ethnology HU Berlin)


26.6. Thematic focus II

Anouk Madörin (RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms, University of Potsdam): Travelogues: Counter/Visualization of the European Border Regime, with Input from Sophia van Vuigt (MA European Ethnology HU Berlin)
Lotte Barthelmes (BA Cultural Studies HU Berlin) Media Discourses on Flight and Migration
Nina Schwarz (Prom. European Ethnology HU Berlin) Frontiers of Integration - Policies of Integration as Part of European Border Policy in Morocco, with Input from Elain Dorn (MA European Ethnology HU Berlin)


17.7. Thematic focus III

Miriam Naumann (Cultural Studies HU Berlin) Centrifugal forces "Europe"
Input Yumin Li (Cultural Studies HU Berlin)
Matthias Mergl (Cultural Studies HU Berlin) Roman Androgynous and Germanic Male Alliances. Historical Borderline Politics of the European in Body Images, Body Practices and Scientific conditions of acceptability

Final discussion