Religion – Knowledge – Discourse

Structured Doctoral Program "Religion - Knowledge - Discourse"

The structured doctoral program "Religion - Knowledge - Discourse" was an inter-disciplinary initiative at Humboldt University Berlin. It was initially designed and funded for three years, and then existed for another 4 years. Five institutes across three faculties have come together to offer an inter and transdisciplinary structured doctoral programme for outstanding PhD candidates. It was funded by the excellence initiative through the strategy "Education through Science" within the Humboldt-initiative "Structured Doctoral Studies" and existed for a total of more than 7 years as a member program of Humboldt Graduate School. The doctoral program expired on December 31, 2021 and was not renewed. Its follow-up program is the international research training group "Transformative Religion", which started its work on January 1, 2022.



Participating faculties and institutes at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:


   (Faculty of Arts and Humanities I)

   (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)



The programme's key areas